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Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.
Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.
Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.
Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.
Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.
Food and Wellness Journal (Pink) - Kunitsa Co.

Food and Wellness Journal (Pink)

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  • KIND wellness journal for women. Motivates and keeps you accountable over 90 days. Guided pages for achieving diet and fitness goals.
  • Gentle prompts for self-love and reflection
  • DAILY JOURNALING - Track what you eat, physical activity, calories, weight, sleep, mood, energy and water intake
  • WEEKLY - Plan your meals ahead of time and keep track of your pantry. Monitor the changes with the habit and progress trackers
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01 November 2020
That M.
Love it so much that I bought two

Hands down the best food diary I’ve ever seen. I love the prompts and how there’s a space for everything. I like that there’s an option to track your weight daily.I’ve lost almost 5 lbs so far (started using it last week) Truly a neat little book.

14 October 2020

I have been using this for over a month and it has really helped hold me accountable in tracking my caloric intake!

06 October 2020
Helpful, motivating, well thought out

So this journal is so good, like a legit lifesaver! It has everything to track what you eat, measurements, goals, mindset, and exercise! Very well thought out and useful for my grocery lists and making sure I’m not under eating nor am I straying from keeping healthy and with a good solid mindset! Definitely something useful to keep me accountable for a healthy diet, something that can keep me from under eating so much and to get the nutrition I need!

01 September 2020
Just what I needed and wanted in a food journal

I’ve been using my food & exercise journal for about a week now and am really happy with it. For a long time I’ve been having such a hard time making myself eat well, and I’ve really needed to lose weight and start exercising, but haven’t been able to focus and get it done. Food journals have helped me in the past because of the accountability that they provide. There’s something about writing it down that helps me be more disciplined. I’ve been able to focus better and have more success with my eating since having this journal. I can also track my water intake and keep track of my energy level, mood, and hours of sleep each day. This particular journal is a great fit for my specific needs and goals, so I’m really happy with it. I also like that it’s spiral bound and has an attractive cover, without a big bold title. Somehow having it on the counter for all to see would be a little embarrassing to me if it had an obnoxious, bold cover that drew attention to it (but that’s just my insecurity showing).

02 June 2021
Lindsey S.
United States
Love it!

This is the perfect food and fitness tracker. I love the simplicity of the design and all the pages contain the exact info I want to keep track of. Love that the there is a weekly page as well to keep track of regular life stuff too. Already looking forward to buying another of these in 90 days!