Ideas for your reading journal

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your reading journal? Looking for inspiration? Want to se how others keep their reading journal?
Here is a little collection of some of the greatest pictures our customers tagged us in. 

Designed to be customized

The Reading Journals are clean and monochrome. It is your notes and thoughts that will stand out & be the center of attention. Creative journalers can fill the pages with colored pencils, pens, bookmarks. - Even photos!

1. Use different colors for different books.

1. Use different colors for different books

Some books take weeks to finish & some - only days. Use colored pens to see how long each book took you.
You can also use different colors for fiction / non-fiction or different genres.

2. Rainbows or just one color? 

You don't have to decide on one, there are at least 3 Reading Challenges in each journal.

3. Gel pens? yes please!

Add just a hint of color with the gel pens. Or go all out - it is up to you. 

3. Color In Book-Stacks